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GUEST Every NBA Team’s Best Candidate for MTV Cribs

  Guest Writer Jonathan Coffman- Jonathan is a Journalism Graduate out of college hoops powerhouse University of Kentucky. He lent Hoopsrambler his eye and chronicled the NBA’s best… suited for MTV’s classic show, Cribs. In 2011, MTV dug its own grave and aired the last

DEEP SIGH Hoopsrambler’s Favorite NBA Memes of 2016

  Hoopsrambler’s Favorite NBA Memes of 2016 Because yes, the bar is that low.   The 16th year of the second millennium (not ever, but for my purposes) was interesting from all points of vantage.   How many fucking year-end-wrap-up articles this week are starting

The Evan Turner Quotes Master List

Evan Turner and Philadelphia have had their differences. A good number of differences. But he’s a man for god’s sake, and he deserves to be recognized. I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite quotes from ET over the years, and let me tell

30 Teams The Complete 15-16 NBA Preview

Welcome to Hoopsrambler’s 2015-16 Season Preview!   We’re looking to provide you with a quick rundown of the offseason moves, expectations, and circumstances surrounding all 30 teams in the National Basketball Association. Some teams are good, some teams are bad, but every team has a