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Editor in Chief/Lead Writer- Alek Klincewicz

Chief Editor/ Lead Writer: Alek Klincewicz


A 2015 graduate of Loyola University Maryland, where he received a Global Studies degree with a double minor in Political Science and Marketing. He was a four year member of the DI Men’s Lacrosse team, and won the National Championship in 2012 against Maryland.

Alek is a rabid Sixers fan, and all the Philadelphia sports follow close suit. Alek has very few hobbies beyond sports writing and watching HBO, and frankly it concerns him.

He is self taught in both piano and guitar, and finds himself to be widely mediocre at both. He is also widely known as Lower Merion High School’s (yes that one) 2010 Wiffleball MVP, batting .995 on all singles and throwing a perfect game against the teacher team.

He can be contacted at

Or in Manayunk on Wednesday nights at various quizzo competitions.




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